Inge Van Bruystegem

Dancer, performer

Inge Van Bruystegem studied dance at the London Contemporary Dance School (1996-99), followed by various workshops in Antwerp, Vienna, Luxemburg, London and elsewhere. She worked as a photographic model for several years (Bettina Rheims, Marc Lagrange), but in the meantime participated in several projects: performances including wolv goes international (2002) with Veronika Zott in Vienna, drindrunkmehr (2003) for the Tanzqwartier Wien, Pasavoir (L’Aeronef/Victoria, 2001), Aarschot-Mechelen (Gand Cru, 2004) and a guest performance in Project 1 (Poni, 2004). She has also appeared in short films by Hans Brysssinck, Hans Van Nuffel and Ingrid Vanderhoeven, among others.

Jan Lauwers’ The Lobster Shop (2006) is her first play and her first venture with Needcompany. She replaced in addition temporarily Louise Peterhoff in Grace Ellen Barkey’s play Chunking (2005) and Eléonore Valère in The art of entertainment (2011) by Jan Lauwers. She is a member of the cast of Jan Lauwers’ play The Deer House (2008), The House of Our Fathers and Begin the Beguine (2014).