Zita Swoon Group music/dance/visual arts 2016 Zita Swoon Group  music/dance/visual arts 2015 Stef Kamil Carlens, Bertrand Belin & Renaud Cojo Low/Heroes 2015  Stef Kamil Carlens solo exhibition Museumstraat 25 2014
Aarich Jespers & Kobe Proesmans The Colorist 2014 Stef Kamil Carlens & Jan Decorte O Death 2014 Zita Swoon Group album release 2014 Stef Kamil Carlens & Renaud Cojo Beautiful People 2013
Stef Kamil Carlens & Samuel Lefeuvre   2012 Zita Swoon Groupmusic/film 2012 Stef Kamil Carlens programmator Bourla 2012 Zita Swoon Group album release 2012
Stef Kamil Carlens Rain Dogs Revisited 2011 Stef Kamil Carlens & TAZ band Bob Dylan tribute 2011 Stef Kamil & Renaud Cojo  tribute to Edouard Levé  2011 Zita Swoon Group             crossover concerts 2011
Zita Swoon Groupalbum release 2011 Stef Kamil Carlens Songs With Others Strangers 2010 Zita Swoon Group Greenpeace deforestation 2010 Zita Swoon Groupmusic/dance 2010
Stef Kamil Carlens The Triffids tribute 2010 Zita Swoon anniversary 15+ 2009 Zita Swoon for a multi cultural BE 2009 Zita Swoon Radio1 Sessions with Leki, Lais, Dez Mona, Thé Lau, Flying Horseman 2009
Zita Swoon & Thom Yorke The Big Ask campaign 2008 Stef Kamil Carlens programmator AB 2008 Zita Swoon album release 2008 Zita Swoon & Raymond Van Het Groenenwoud De Lange Wapper 2008
Zita Swoon & Yasmine concert for tolerance  2007 Zita Swoon album & dvd release 2007 Stef Kamil Carlens group exhibition Herenplaats 2005 Zita Swoon concert in the heart & album & dvd release 2005
Stef Kamil Carlens & Toon Tellegen ABC 2004 Stef Kamil Carlens exhibition ‘A Temporary Monument For David Mc Comb’ 2004 Zita Swoon album release 2004 Stef Kamil Carlens solo exhibition Galerie Van der Planken 2003
Stef Kamil Carlens group exhibition Synesthetics 2003 Zita Swoon anniversary concert 10+ with Flip Kowlier, Urbanus, Neeka, Axelle Red and Rudy Trouvé 2003 Stef Kamil Carlens & Toneelgroep Amsterdam Carmen 2002 Stef Kamil Carlens solo exhibition Motel Mozaïque TENT 2001
Zita Swoon concert & installation 2001 Zita Swoon album release 2001 Zita Swoon music/dance & album release 2000 Aarich Jespers installation Automated Turntables 1999
Zita Swoon album release 1998 Zita Swoon a live soundtrack & album release 1997 Stef Kamil Carlens & Aarich Jespers Kiss My Jazz 1996 Moondog Jr album release 1995
Aarich Jespers installation ‘A Score On Movements Of A Fly’ 1995 Stef Kamil Carlens dEUS 1992 – 1997 A Beat Band album release 1993 first gigs 1990

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