Big Blueville

Big Blueville (2008)

(Chikaree Records distributed by Bang! and Discograph France)


“Melancholic songs, blues, energetic rock, soul, reggae-ska… The styles blend but the groovy, limpid and finely chiseled arrangements make for an incredibly unifying whole. A really beautiful album full of warmth and life in which the French lyrics got some help from one Christophe Miossec.” Catherine Richard for Le Télégramme 26/03/08

“While some like to impose noisily, using a lot of overdone effects, Zita Swoon chooses to caress and to gently charm, taking care to conceal the complexity of its melodies, of a discreet beauty behind a not so evident simplicity” Noémie Lecoq for les inrockuptibles 21/04/08

“What makes this release really interesting is the presence of three new songs, that are, with their light Latino touch, an extension of Zita Swoons most recent work. The moving, French sung Josieanna wouldn’t even look bad on Stephan Eicher’s set list. However, honesty compels us to say that Big Blueville is nothing more then a nice snack, a collectible for the real fans.” ds for de morgen 26/03/08

“His talent as a composer shines once more in this album full of nimbleness, sensuality and ingenuity. The artist concocts a medley of Anglo-French songs with the grace of a Bob Dylan and an Elliott Murphy: whispering voice, little strands of piano, guitars, suave soul choirs...all through the album. Zita Swoon casts off the mooring.” VJ for A nous Paris 13/04/08


Stef Kamil Carlens (SKC) (vocals, electric & acoustic guitar), Eva & Kapinga Gysel (vocals), Tom Pintens (electric & nylon string guitar, piano, vocals), Joris Caluwaerts (piano, fender rhodes, wurlitzer, juno 100, hammond B3), Bart van Lierde (bass, stick bass), Aarich Jespers (drums), Amel Serra Garcia (percussion)


Aarich and Jelle Jespers


Color photo by Diego Franssens – black and white photo by Bache Jespers


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