Stef Kamil Carlens



“Some people cast a wider and wider net as they get older, others turn the mind’s eye inward. Soul searcher and singer-songwriter Stef Kamil Carlens has made such a journey. Musically of course, going from beingĀ a founding member of rock band dEUS in the nineties, to injecting his sense for musical experimentation into Zita Swoon, to making the simplest of arrangements: one man, one guitar. And yet, he strives for the same perfection in that one instrument and one voice in all his projects. He’s a painter, a sculptor and is known for his outspoken environmental and global awareness, getting involve in projects like “Friends Of The Earth” Tedx Flanders

“Stef Kamil Carlens first became known as the bass guitarist, singer and fellow songwriter of Belgian band dEUS. It was not long before he went his own way as a singer-songwriter, accompanied by his band, Moondog Jr., who were renamed Zita Swoon after their first record. In 1996, Carlens left dEUS so he could concentrate on Zita Swoon and other projects, such as writing scores for films and theatre productions, creating dance/theatre/music performances, and making sculptures, installations, drawings and paintings.” Janus

“I’m a fairly optimistic person. But I’m ‘an optimist with a heavy heart’. I just have a clear vision of the world. When you look around and really see what’s happening, then you can’t be fully optimistic.” De Standaard

“Carlens’ songs are semi-surreal exercises in emotional excavation, never afraid to veer off at lyrical tangents, though always staying within the unusual boundaries. Benelux boy Carlens takes more poetic chances with a foreign language than most English bands: the result is music which gains, rather than diminishes; in mystery the more one hears it” The Independent