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Big City

Big City (2007)

(Chikaree Records distributed by Bang!)


“When you listen you notice sooner or later that Big City is, both formally and in content, rich in color and detail. The record bursts of a zealousness for life and has a positive nature. Stef Kamil Carlens is in a cheerful mood and strives for simplicity and devotion, as Dare to Love and Oser Aimer abundantly illustrate. Big City counts as a brilliant tribute to the big city, but there are more themes to be discovered: the relationship between beauty and freedom, parenthood, the refugee issue, violence, politics and setbacks that are processed by creating order in your surroundings or in your head.(-) Big City is a universe with more light than shadow. Take advantage of it.” DS for de Morgen? 28/03/07

“Big City is not a standard record. The songs were written during tours and vacations, in places like Corsica and the Provence. The result is along the lines of the semi-acoustic band project A Band in A Box. The craziness has made way for pop music as expensive wine: thoroughly thought through arrangements and ‘luxury’ as background singing and piano.” Anton Slotboom for LiveXS April 2007

“The best live band of the moment? It’s never been officially researched, but it wouldn’t surprise LiveXS. Stef Kamil Carlens’ band impresses more every year. Whether Zita Swoon is performing with a large band at a festival or with one piano in the center of a hall: the shows are at a high level.

“Zita Swoon is no longer just one of the best bands in Belgium. The band has now reached an international level and is well on its way to becoming its own genre.” De Standaard March 31, 2007


Stef Kamil Carlens (SKC) (vocals, electric & acoustic guitar), Eva & Kapinga Gysel (vocals), Tom Pintens (electric & nylon string guitars, glockenspiel, piano (the night), vocals), Joris Caluwaerts (piano, hammond L100, fender rhodes, wurlitzer, and synths), Bart van Lierde (bass, stick bass), Aarich Jespers (drums), Amel Serra Garcia (percussions)

Additional musicians:

Jeroen Baert (violins), Roel Jacobs (baritone sax), Stijn Cole (human beatbox)


Zita Swoon


Sleeve design by Aarich and Jelle Jespers


Bache Jespers and Gauthier Bourgeois


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