I Paint Pictures
On A Wedding Dress

I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress (1998)

(Warner Music Benelux)


“Close neighbors of Soul Coughing or the Little Rabbits, Stef and his four accomplices appeal to dada and from their cabinet of curiosities they let escape hybrid sounds of rock, pop, jazz and funk.” Best – Sabrina Silamo

“Midway between jazz and folk, Zita Swoon nevertheless doesn’t hesitate to assume some tendencies that sound more like the Bee Gees than Bob Dylan.” “A musical direction, which once a little more assumed, could turn Zita Swoon into the next Dave Matthews band of d’outre-Quérain” both by Jade Petit for Rock Sound

“I paint pictures on a wedding dress is a very good record, very inventive and traditionally very energetic and relaxed. If the core activity of the band is to play rock with traditional instruments (notably a piano and an electric guitar or a ‘Dobro’), Zita Swoon has opened itself to a new generation of musical instruments through the ‘sampler’”. S. Ch. La Meuse

“Carlens’ songs are semi-surreal exercises in emotional excavation, never afraid to veer off at lyrical tangents, though always staying within the unusual boundaries suggested by titles like About the Successful Emotional Recovery of a Gal Named Maria” The Independent by Andy Gill

“The many facets of the blues. Or how, with Malcolm Burn as a midwife, a modern world class record was born between Antwerp and New Orleans.” De Morgen

“I paint pictures on a wedding dress ought to be the perfect first move for Zita Swoon’s first ‘classic” By Tom Peeters for Teek Magazine

“Add to that heartfelt lyrics full of sex and romance and one can conclude that Zita Swoon has made an awesome modern blues record” YO for P Magazine

“I paint pictures on a wedding dress is a little of everything: unrelenting, frivolous, funky and fragile. A colorful quilt that warms your head and heart at the same time.” By Dirk Steenhaut for De Morgen

“This is pop music the way it’s meant to be: surprising, touching and of a great quality. Carlens is a musical sponge who isn’t ashamed of his influences but does something with them”

“Don’t let yourself be scared off: behind those long titles are really beautiful, non conceited and often breakable pop songs with nothing wrong with them” both quotes by Feeling


Stef Kamil Carlens (SKC) (vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, rhodes, farfissa, melotron, sampling), Tomas de Smet (upright bass, bass, percussion, vocals), Tom Pintens (electric & nylon string guitar, piano, vocals), Bjorn Eriksson (resophonic guitar, pedal steel, lapsteel, acoustic and electric guitar, vocals), Aarich Jespers (drums, percussion)


Zita Swoon


Malcolm Burn and Zita Swoon


Tom Hautekiet and Aarich Jespers, drawings by Bjorn and SKC


Bache Jespers


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