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Music Inspired By Sunrise

Music Inspired By Sunrise (1997)

(Chikaree Records distributed by PIAS)

About the project Sunrise


“Film music not accompanied by film is usually difficult, but SUNRISE is an exception. The CD is split up into 25 entertaining pieces, each has its own feel and they vary in style between pop, circus music and avant-garde. Easy Tune and cabaret-ish jazz (all of this in a remix of Tom Waits and Eric Satie) Of course, it is and remains film music, but rather than being an accompaniment, the music is piercing and illustrative so it usually doesn’t take much to think up your own scenes in a chilling film noir” Oor 1997, by Erik van Den Berg “It was nothing less than a culture shock, the confrontation of contemporary sounds from Moondog Jr with Sunrise by Murnau, a silent film masterpiece. The experiment in the Halls of Bruges can basically be called a success.” Antoine Legat for De Morgen “It appeared to be something that Stef Kamil Carlens and his people had a handle on. Improvisation, artistic development, creating images through music; these are things that form the fundament of Zita sSwoon Brabants Dagblad JS 1996 “Reviving the heroic epic of the silent film, the Belgian band humbles itself before the giant of the seventh art” Etienne Tordoir for La Libre Belgique 1997


Stef Kamil Carlens (guitar, melodica, vocal) Aarich Jespers (drum) Tom Pintens (guitar, piano) Tomas De Smet (electric bass, contrabass) Benjamin Boutreur (saxophone) Klaas Janszoons (violin) Piet Jorens (percussion)


Zita Swoon


Aarich and Jelle Jespers


Aarich Jespers, Maarten Vanden Abeele


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