Plage Tattoo / Circumstances

Plage Tattoo/Circumstances (2000)

(Chikaree Records distributed by Warner Music)

About the performance Plage Tattoo/Circumstances


"The Zita Swoon members compose new music for this project and Aarich Jespers creates various music installations. Raw sounds are integrated into the compositions. Instrumental compositions and whimsical songs create the sound-scape of this collaboration."

Stef Kamil Carlens: “The music for Plage Tattoo/Circumstances had to sound cold, hard and almost mechanical. It creates a bleak frame in which the dancers sketch a mood full of misunderstanding and incomprehension.”


Aarich Jespers, Bjorn Eriksson and Stef Kamil Carlens

Additional musicians:

Roel Van Camp: accordeon - Tom Pintens: keyboards - Eva Van Riet: violin - Daan Stuyven: guitar - Rudy Trouvé: guitar - Simon Lenski: cello - Buni Lenski: violin - Dirk Roofthooft: words

Dancers on video:

Koen Augustijnen and Tamayo Okano


Aarich Jespers and Tom Hautekiet
Cover concept: SKC


Bache Jespers


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