Life = A Sexy Sanctuary

Life Is A Sexy Sanctuary (2001)

(Warner Music Benelux)


“This album is like a beautiful plant. Seductive rhythms and languishing guitars deliver gleaming music like a car leaving the car wash.” François Salmon for Le Courrier de L’escouit

“Tom Waitsesque hippy beat poetry; thrilling acoustic passages with a goose-bump melody and unbridled fun-funk à la Beck meets Prince” says Neil Curtis, of Belgium’s Zita Swoon. “Antwerp’s finest have again served up some truly adventurous, tasty stuff. Brilliant, wacky, and shamefully undiscovered” Mojo Dec 2001

“It’s been a while since we’ve praised an album this much, but you have to understand that this one captures something rare: that pulse, the drive to make music that all too often disappears in studio sophistication and tendencies to be hip. Here, it’s simple – but less than it appears-, it’s energetic, it is good rock that people are making less of” J Vilacèque for Midi Libre April 26 2001

“This rock, often destructured and not lacking humor has granted Zita Swoon the label of the most ‘zarbi’ band in the history of Belgian rock. The latest album follows in a similar vain, but with more of a classic pop note, as if the band wanted to mellow down and expand their audience while valorizing the melodies rather than the experimentation” by Y.R. for Le Progrès 23/05/01

“This new album is a little gem of freedom of tone, of incisive or continuous rhythms, of melodies seemingly nonchalant and inspired. (-) And behind the surface fun a tangible depth and beautiful nostalgia transpire.” MEK for Compact May 2001

“The eclectic Stef Kamil Carlens went digging in his box of crafts to extract 10 new titles of which the freshness is absolutely irresistible.” CG voor Rock mag


SKC: vocals, piano, electric & acoustic guitar, midi programming - Tomas De Smet: electric & upright bass, percussion, synth, drums on the banaqueen, vocals - Aarich Jespers: drums, percussions, sampling, organ - Tom Pintens: grand piano, electric guitar, synths and programming, electric bass, clarinet, vocals - Bjorn Eriksson: electric and acoustic guitars, resophonic guitar, keyboards, vocals

Additional musicians:

Horns on 2 and 6 played by Bart Maris and Eric Morel - Girl singer on 7: Ilse Neeka Govaerts / on 4: Tine Reymer / on 10: Lol Bee


Zita Swoon


Bjorn Eriksson and Tom Hautekiet - drawings by Bjorn, Coverconcept by Sarah Van de Put


Bache Jespers and Bernaded Dexters


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