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For this studio concert organized by Belgian radio station Studio Brussel and music channel TMF, Zita Swoon performed stripped down versions of their songs with a largely acoustic lineup. An album featuring the live registration of the concert, Live at the Jet Studio, was released a few months later.

Inspired by this new artistic approach, the band held a few semi-acoustic concerts in theatre. Especially for this tour, Aarich Jespers created an installation with four screens, on which he projected a film about light thanks to a construction with mirrors. Afterwards, Stef Kamil Carlens realized that the concerts formed a blueprint for the sound of A Song About A Girls. According to him, the lineup consisting of Bjorn Eriksson, Aarich Jespers, Tom Pintens, Tomas De Smet and Carlens himself was at its best during this tour

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Stef Kamil Carlens, Aarich Jespers, Tomas De Smet, Bjorn Eriksson, Tom Pintens



"So, that’s what they call great. Friday evening- April 26, 2002, Bourla theatre, Antwerp. ‘An evening with Zita Swoon (Acoustic)’. I’m reminded of Tom Waits’ words (Zita Swoon honors them) and his music (a couple of songs are very Waitsesque – think older Tom Waits).  I’m also reminded of Blind Willie Johnson ’s raw gospel blues, black and white people, cowboys, Captain Beefheart, Tampa Red and Blind Willie McTell, vaudeville, Frank Zappa, mistakes that don’t ruin anything, ‘Nirvana Unplugged’, merry go rounds, Brecht & Weill, children who bang on and ramble anything they can get their hands on, Antwerp, five cool guys on stage. And meatballs in tomato sauce, but this only because I’m hungry. I’m watching the guys on stage. I’m not smart enough to know if they’ve completely mastered their instruments, but at least they’re doing all kinds of stuff with them, they give the music a different life than the one I know from the records. That’s what I call class. From the famous The Bananaqueen, announced as ‘the slapstick segment of the show or My bond and your planet, Disco!, for the occasion renamed as My bond and your planet, Foxtrot!, unbeknownst songs to me . It starts impressive (Stef Kamil Carlens, balancing on the edge of the stage, singing a couple of songs without a microphone, somber accompaniment) and it ends with an enthusiastic audience that shouts for more.”
Humo CP

“Zita Swoon acoustic is more than just unplugging the guitars. The band has a whole series of pretty ballads that fit perfectly in the announced acoustic night, but isn’t afraid of playing more funky party songs. What the songs lose in power, they gain in subtlety, nuance, what only confirms Zita Swoon’s class.”
De Morgen


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