15+ years of zita swoon 2009


Concert on stage

The band celebrates their 15+ jubilee – a pivotal moment in their career – with three live shows, in Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels respectively. Beside a selection from their range of melancholy to groovy songs, the band also invites a number of friends including producer and musician John Parish from Bristol, the surrealistic godfather of Belgian rock: Arno, Stef Kamil’s old friend from dEUS: Tom Barman, song wizard of the Netherlands Spinvis and French singer Miossec.



Stef Kamil Carlens, Aarich Jespers, Kapinga Gysel, Eva-Tshiela Gysel, Amel Serra Garcia, Bart Van Lierde, Simon Pleysier, Hugo Boogaerts.






“Fifteen years and eleven unclassable albums later (between uncentered pop, rock in bias en trompe-l’oeil folk) – we’re going to celebrate this, Stef Kamil Carlens must have thought with a reason. He’s decided to give a series of concerts divided between Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris, where the Zita Swoon family will invite some cherished friends, like their compatriot Arno, but also John Parrish, well known for his collaboration with PJ Harvey, and our national Miossec.” BI  for Le Nouvel Observateur 


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