Misha Downey

Dancer, performer

Misha Downey was born in Leicester in England. He trained at the London Contemporary Dance School from 1989 to 1992. Afterwards he co-founded the Bedlam Dance Company, which was led by the choreographer Yael Flexer. He worked with the Adventures in Motion Pictures (AMP) dance company on The Nutcracker and danced for the Harlemations Dance Company led by the choreographer Bunty Mathias. In January 1994 he joined Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Rosas dance company, where he took part in the creation of Kinok and Amor constante más allá de la muerte, as well as being involved in the revival of Toccata. Before he joined Needcompany, he also danced Swan Lake (1996) for the choreographer Matthew Bourne. In 2000 Downey co-founded the Belgian company Amgod for which he created and performed in What Do You Want? (2001), Second Album (2003) and As Simple As That (2005). In 2005 he danced in Flesh and Blood by Lea Anderson’s Cholmondeleys in the UK. He also worked in Switzerland for the Gisela Rocha Company.

The first Needcompany production Misha Downey danced in was Grace Ellen Barkey’s Rood Red Rouge (1998), later he also appeared in Few Things (2000),The Porcelain Project (2007) and This door is too small (for a bear) (2010). His collaboration with Jan Lauwers started when he acted in the rerun of Caligula (1998). Later he appeared as an actor and dancer in Morning Song (1999), Needcompany’s King Lear (2000), Goldfish Game (2002), Images of Affection (2002), The Deer House (2008) and The art of entertainment (2011). In Isabella’s room Misha Downey replaces Ludde Hagberg.