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(Music Inspired By Sunrise)(1997) The locomotive gal in my rear-view mirror
Has put a spell on me
The other one and the Russian liquor
Won't ever let me be

So bye bye pride
Bye bye thoughtfulness
Hello sweet success
It's all I wanna be

It's in the state of the greatest hatred
That the
Greatest men were born
But it's the state of the craving hatred
That puts the
Devil on his throne

I hurt inside
My pain is never less
Than is my life
And that's alright by me

Everybody is trying to tell me so
You gotta let me go

Time was when I could spend my money
On that hoochie-coochie you do
I got to get a grip on this a scene here honey
This here boat ain't build for two

I put you down
Down under the waterline
I wear no frown
That's all right by me

There are a ways about the state of hatred
That gonna sacrifice a few
So you just gotta grand me some good good loving baby
I wanna get my soul renewed

That's understood
Your ass has got to go
It ain't no good in this world no more

Oh temptation
Why do you do me so
Oh temptation
Everybody will
Everybody got to go
Oh your body
Is such a beautiful thing
Help me Jesus
Can’t you see the state I’m in?

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