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(Life Is A Sexy Sanctuary)(2001) Maybe I misunderstood
A part of your story
But I believe you’re no good
I’d stay you’re even quiet boring

Although I pay you no mind
I can’t stand you mush longer
Still it’s giving me time
And it’s making me stronger

Man your life is a lazy mess
You don’t relate to the things that I like best
I know your idle and cheating you fake and deceiving
Though everything always seems cool
Man I just want you to know

That when you’re making me worry
About the bond that we have
You simply cannot ignore it

And when the going gets tuff
I know you’re not gonna be here
So I won’t ask you to go
Cause you are constantly leaving

All your life
Is full of lies
I’m sorry friend
This can’t go on

Maybe I misunderstood
A part of your story
I sometimes wish that I did
But then I know what I know man

Now if you wanna stay
You’re gonna have to pay
Now try to make my day
Or leave me be
Yeah if you wanna stay
You better change your ways
I stop giving you
Your fun for free
So I you wanna stay
I wanna hear you say
You never really tried
To give some back to me

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