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(EVERYDAY I WEAR A GREASY BLACK FEATHER ON MY HAT) (1995) Jintro Sarto’s got that blues again
It’s in the corner of his eye
Eases his metal minding heart on cherry beer
Tellin’ crap sidewalk stories
Tryin’ to get back in the middle of the road
I says we’re halfway there
Man I don’t care
I don’t give a shit
And I never will
Jintro and the Great Luna
And a broken man and a wronged wife
A twisted soul
And one more call for alcohol
Mingo Mango
Day of doom
Spit your fire
Go down soon
Ain’t you gonna tell me what you want me to do about wanting you
Oh, baby
What you want me to do
Jintro Sarto’s got them blues again
Oh, baby, every morning in my head the
Skies are sad and the sun comes up
And blinds my eyes from behind
Jintro’s mad, Jintro’s sad
Jintro’s got a broken head
Jintro wants a cigarette
Takes his broken mind to bed
Now I’m gone, now I’m dead
Oh, Baby, I wish we never met

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