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Josie she crazed at the toy store
She cried for her little balloon
Be home before your memories
Before they make you blue

Josie she fished in the ocean
She caught her political charm
Before going back to the valley
She crawled over the stars

Josie took of her pullover
She said now you're under my spell
The Monday sky came over
We drove her car around

Oh Josie, you must stay, my true love!
But Josie don't stand in my way

Cause I'm tracing the man that I am
And I'm chasing the woman you are
Through our daily misconceptions

Josie spoke about the Pacific Ocean
I said: "I'm not going that far
I guess I'm scared of leaving
So you must never part"

Oh Josie the fear in the lover you caught
It stands for the whole of the live that you robbed

And you're facing the man that I am
And I'm facing the woman you are
Through our daily misconceptions

She said: "call me up when you're crying,
But don't leave me standing alone"
And Josie she hauls like a wolf man
When we strut on our middleclass thrones
We're crazy for a little bit of scorn
We stab us in the backs and of we go

She said: "hey man
You'll have to protect me"
I said: "Shut up girl,
You shouldn't talk back"
We know there are lies all around us
But still we neglect them
They will all soon unfold

When we're facing the man that I am
And we're facing the woman you are
Our daily misconceptions
Oh now baby
That's what I always say
When I go skating on thin ice
You're so marvelous!
Brand new!

I've a bond with the way we're chilling
I've a bond with this a glass of beer
I've a bond with all that's around me
But I don't know about this bond right here

Oh baby
Let's let not get
Too philosophical
And stay true men
And human

Super Trooper Boogaloo
Sticking to my body with a wizard glue
Extra Mixture Ricochet
Is gonna get my soul through the disco day
Donkey Funky Slapping Horn
Has made her slip on out of the clothes she worn
Inky Pinky Super wine
Me & my fat guitar will have a real good time

I'm gonna roller coaster down
To her down below
I'm gonna have to dive on down
To her down below
I'm gonna have to move this party
To her down below
And see the show
At her down below

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