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(Big City)(2007) Talkin’ bout a pretty girl
She got blues behind her eyes
You’d think that sadness and beauty is an unexpected combination
But you can find it almost anywhere you go

I’m talking ‘bout a pretty girl
Life ain’t easy,
even when you’re cute
People wanna put her in a frame
She can’t walk the streets without them calling her names

The thing about a pretty girl
She carries something people crave
She’s like a promise someone broke
She’s like a room you’re not allowed to go
She moves like everybody wants to move
She looks like how everybody wants to look

Talking ‘bout a pretty girl
Boys don’t leave her on her own
They all want a piece of the cake she puts on the table
She makes them all feel like they should do more than they are able

I wanna go to bed now and fall asleep
I wanna wake up in the morning
in a quiet breeze
I don’t need the agitation of a dog in heat
Don’t wanna jump around the room
on my tired feet
Lord, give me the power of a peaceful mind
I wanna leave these rusty ideas behind Daddy,
teach me ‘bout love and sensitivity
Teach me ‘bout intelligence and positivity

Talking ‘bout a pretty girl
She lives deep inside of me
Maybe she lives the life I will lead
in another lifetime
Maybe I got a little taste of being free
And that’s how I know that she can never be
She can never be that free
Not that pretty girl
If not even me

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