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(I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress)(1998) I have a problem
My only friend he turned his head
Or else he left the room
It's not a small one
I crashed my head
A real bad way
Upon a wishful tune
I cried no tears so far
But it changed the men we are

This is an odd place
I turned around and asked my friend
To swab his shoes with mine
I always go here
When all my hopes are down, he said
And try to keep my high
It never failed me yet
I never did regret

Oh man I think I am bleeding Yeah friend I'm wet with blood

It can't be you that grieves me?
It can't be you that shot?

This is our last chance

The race we run
Is faster then our lives

This is our last chance

My blood runs cold
Your eyes they are as ice

We keep away now
We close our eyes and cling our self’s
To each and others dream
It's complicated
We still ain't sure about
Whom or what did
Interfere our scene

We never could agree
We saw how fate decreed
Who has been deceiving?
Who volunteers to carry that cross?
It's gotta be you or me man
Or do we want those other suckers that mush?
Can't we just do without them?
Can't we just stay on the road?
That was laid out for you and me, man
You left me here to doubt every word
That was ever spoke between you and me, man
I wander if we ever were true
But if you ever change your mind, man
I'll be running back to you
Like a fool
It's in the blood

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