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(Life Is A Sexy Sanctuary)(2001) When I woke I got up to collect my doubts
I chewed them with my lucky jaw
I chewed them with my lucky jaw
I need someone to care for me
A bigger heart to care for me
What will I be without this force to support me?
To collect me
I used to think I was strong enough to cope with fears as deep and fierce as mine

But then I broke
And then I fell
I screamed and curled and cracked and crawled

Selfishness, foolishness,
Predicts defeat
The jester rules the stronghold

Love I saw, love I saw
I had never seen a love that big before

Carelessness, recklessness
Predicts defeat
The jester rules the stronghold

A woman burned the castle mine
She said I could no longer shine
In armor she thought of as foul and fake
But foul and fake was she to me
I pushed her away she had to leave
I was left alone in an empty black burned out field

Oh what I desire
Is my lover’s great soothing fire
For me

Trying to free

Scattered around on the floor
All the things of a boy
The armor and the plans for war
All meaningless but wonderful

Caught in the caves on my hearts trampoline
I can not be traced no I can not be seen
I lie in my tomb but still suffer the pain
The vision of you now is all that remains

Oh it burns my eyes
But love is great
And love’s divine
To me

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