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Zita Swoon Group

Zita Swoon was born in Antwerp during the nineties of the previous century. It is a collective formed around Stef Kamil Carlens who writes lyrics and music, sings and plays instruments. Piercing songs with a groove that immediately capture a large audience, that's the trademark of a band that never does repeat itself live. From absurd funk to traditional singer-songwriting, with here and there a dash of folk, blues and eighties disco.

Zita Swoon is a cosmopolitan group of internationalists. They each carry their own baggage and share it with the other members of the band. They also involve other artists from other disciplines: choreographers, dancers and theatre people. Together they form a new lab for scene productions of hybrid performances. In that same lab new songs are born.

"I feel the need to zoom into various aspects of our work: experimentation, melody-harmony, movement and rhythm. With Zita Swoon Group I want to bring music that is in perfect balance with itself. Choosing the right instruments and amplifiers is more important. It needs to resonate in the concert hall as well." says Stef Kamil Carlens about his latest lab.

Those who have followed the band's evolution during the past fifteen year know that each new step by these ambitious musicians has been an enriching, broadening and deepening of their own material. The rewriting of the band's legacy too. And it's a beautiful thing to see these artists continually reinvent themselves" Jerry Aerts director deSingel international art campus Antwerp BE.

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