“SKC played a tribute to Bob Dylan for the first time and exclusively for TAZ at TAZ#2006.  The crowd – including die-hard Dylan fans- had a fantastic evening. Stef Kamil and Bob Dylan on one stage… Since then, Carlens has only played this unique ‘tribute’ a few times, for instance at the AB. But this summer he’s bringing ‘Bob’ back to Café Koer. Together with the exquisite TAZ band- “a gift of a band” (dixit SKC in 2006)- he dives into Dylan’s oeuvre and this especially– yes you heard it right- in celebration of 15 years TAZ!” TAZ team


Stef Kamil Carlens & TAZ-Band: SERGE Feys (piano), Phillip Weis (guitar), Mirko Banovic (bass), Sam Gysel (drums). And Gert Hellings (guitar), Eva and Kapinga Gysel (backing vocals)
and before Bjorn Eriksson (pedalsteel),  Geoffrey Burton (guitar)


“Stef Kamil Carlens proved his talent once again at ‘Theater aan Zee’.  Because to shine in a tribute to Bob Dylan, you have to have what it takes.” De Standaard

“Zita Swoon’s front man proved that Dylan and Kamil fit like a pea in a pod(…) with The Gates of Eden (*****)”. De Morgen over AB concert

“Stef Kamil Carlens proved his talent once again at ‘Theater aan Zee’.  Because to shine in a tribute to Bob Dylan, you have to have what it takes. The countless tributes that Dylan has enjoyed have either sounded too predictable (only the sixties were dutifully ruminated) or presumptuous.  But Stef Kamil Carlens is, just like Dylan, a challenger and someone who tries his hand at everything.  For his Dylan project he surrounded himself with musicians who can manage unique and bold interpretations of Dylan’s songs.  Carlens, Arno’s band and singers Katinga and Eva Gysel succeeded together in giving new life to Dylans repertoire. Carlens left the big classics in the cooler and only pulled from the poet’s later work. “I grew up with records like Shot of Love, Infidels and Oh Mercy. I feel the most affinity with those songs and they touch me textually”, says Carlens. For his opening song “I and I”, Carlens had to look for the right tonality, but then he just crept deeper and deeper in the songs’ soul.  That’s what made this tribute so exciting: during the brilliant executions of gospel-tinted songs like “Heart of mine” and “Dead Man” you sometimes forgot that it was Carlens who was on stage. The artist and his band stood in function of the Dylan catalog and not the other way around.  Though Carlens and co only rehearsed two days for this tribute, each song sounded new and the cutting lyrics often got a new pulse. The combo varied musically from pure New Orleans swamp (“Cold Irons Bound”) to intimate jazzy lounge (“Every Grain of Sand”). Furthermore, Carlens proved to be knowledgeable. For the badly produced “Tight Connection to my Heart” (from Empire Burlesque) he reverts back to the alternative and far better version from the bootleg series.  Meanwhile, guitarist Geoffrey Burton plucks unearthly, angular grooves from his guitar. Serge Feys let his Hammond purr on a dark “Everything is Broken”. “I don’t want to imitate Dylan”, says Carlens. “Dylan’s voice is too unique. I want to give a new twist to the songs with this band, without losing sight of the originals.”  Carlens’ intensity and modesty are striking.  The way he gave a steaming twist to the closing “Carribean Wind” (an outtake from Shot of Love,) was more than believable.It showed respect and craftsmanship, guts and passion. When, after an hour, Carlens informed the audience that he and his band hadn’t practiced any other songs, he almost shyly looked toward the corner of the tent, as if waiting for the author’s approval. Almost symbolically he added an enticing, accompanied only by a piano, “Ring Them Bells”. The ensuing standing ovation was well-deserved” – Peter Mestach De Standaard